Jorge Mura was born in Valdivia, Chile on December 24th, 1970. Attend the Medical School at the University of Chile in Santiago between 1988-1995. He made his internship in the Salvador Hospital and graduate cum laude. He made his residency at the Institute of Neurosurgery Alfonso Asenjo in Providencia, Santiago between 1995-1998 and graduate suma cum laude. He moved to São Paulo, Brazil the same year for a Clinical Fellowship in Cerebrovascular & Skull Base Surgery with the Professor Evandro de Oliveira team in the Institute of Neurological Sciences – Beneficencia Portuguesa Hospital between 1998-1999. Inmediately come back to the Institute Asenjo and co-create the Cerebrovascular Team. He starts his academic career as Instructor of Neurosurgery in 1999. He creates in 2000 the first Fellowship Program in Cerebrovascular Surgery into the Department of Neurological Sciences of the University of Chile, in the year 2002 was incorporated the Skull Base Surgery Program and was created the Fellowship of CV & Skull Base Surgery at the Institute of Neurosurgery Asenjo, up-to-date 33 neurosurgeons of Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba Argentina and Spain completed the program. He is member of 12 national and international neurosurgical societies. He was director of the Chilean Society of Neurosurgery between 2005-2015. He was the coordinator of the Chilean Chapter of Microsurgical and Neurointerventional Cerebrovascular Surgery between 2005-2020, when he was elected as Vicepresident of the Society. He participates in the editorial comittee of the official journals of neurosurgery in Chile, Brazil and Argentina. He gave more than 120 lectures about cerebrovascular and skull base surgery all around the world. He has more than 100 international publications, book chapters and peer-review comments. He has more than 175 presentations in national and international meetings in South America, México, USA and Europe. He has 15 awards in the Annual Chilean Congress of Neurosurgery and for 10 years awarded as the best presentation of the Congress. His experience as a neurosurgeon is about 3,800 brain surgeries. His experience in cerebrovascular surgery is approximately 1,600 patients. He participated in 1,400 aneurysms surgeries, with more than 1,300 clipped aneurysms. His experience in paraclinoid aneurysms is more than 400 cases up-to-date. He has performed more than 150 cerebral bypasses (low flow, high flow, EC-IC and IC-IC). He has experience in AVM with 150 cases. In skull base surgery he performed more than 600 complex skull base procedures: 250 Meningiomas of the cavernous Sinus, petroclival region, tubercullum sellae and other locations; 200 Schwannomas of the vestibular, trigeminal and low cranial nerves; Pituitary adenomas; Chondrosarcomas; etc. He performed more than 500 extradural anterior clinoidectomies, more than 200 middle fossa approaches and more than 100 traspetrous approaches. His interest is mainly the teaching of his experience to the residents and cerebrovascular and skull base surgery fellows. He was appointed in 2019 as a Professor of Neurological Surgery at the Institute of Neurosurgery Asenjo for the University of Chile, a huge honor that was empty since 1987. He was elected in October 2019 as the Vicepresident of the Chilean Society of Neurosurgery 2019-2021 and President for the period 2021-2023. In October 16th, 2020 was appointed as “Master of Chilean Neurosurgery”, the fourth in the Chilean Society of Neurosurgery history since its foundation in 1957. His research in the last years is oriented to minimally invasive and keyhole complex cerebrovascular and skull base surgery and the improvement of the microsurgical techniques in the treatment of ruptured aneurysms and microsurgical management of SAH complications, and the comprehensive neurosurgical involvement into the management of the acute cerebral ischaemia.